Are Treadmills Still Popular?

Whats the staple in every hotel and gyms fitness suite? Its the popular treadmill of course. Naturally modern gyms these days have a wide variety of equipment both for muscle building and for fat loss. You will see weights, kettlebells, Swiss balls, weights machines, rowing machines, and a whole plethora of new strength building tools, such as logs, tires and suspension ropes.

So how come the treadmill is still popular? Well it is getting stiff opposition from elliptical machines and cardio striders but alas one of the first things people think about when in a gym and cardio or fat loss is required is a treadmill.

It seems theyve always been there, and they have gotten a lot better over time. There is more to a treadmill than just being a platform to run on. Shock absorption has gotten more advanced to the point where it is extremely kind to your joints. Running can place a lot of stress on the knees and the shins for example but todays treadmills feature adaptive cushioning which is sensor calibrated and computes the exact level and precision points of cushioning you require.

No point in improving your heart health and overall fitness if the treadmill is crushing your bones. Not only have treadmills gotten better but workouts have also gotten more advanced. Interval training and even online racing competitions with computer graphics against online opponents are now a staple in this technology infused sports arena.

The equipment now reflects the modern age, treadmills can connect online to a world full of resources. There are tracking websites online you can connect with that record, store and analyze all your stats. You can also stream movies and audio and just plain browse from your console. Computer graphics have been revolutionized and you can now even plot virtual running courses of real locations and your console will display actual video footage of your chosen location that will sync up with your run. Fabulous or what?

So in todays world of modern fitness where you have everything from CrossFit to Spin classes, treadmill workouts have also been modernised. Brought in line by updates in technology and also the way people use them. The routines are no longer boring. Well they dont need to be if you use them correctly.

You can really challenge yourself with all the different applications a treadmill has. You can work on a multitude of combinations of speed, distance training like 5 & 10ks, hill training, ifit routines, personal challenges, heart rate training, track training. You can even work alongside a personal trainer on a HD screen in many of the latest Proform treadmills. If it still sounds too boring you can join a treadmill class with a crazy upbeat instructor!

If you dont have a huge budget you can go for the very popular best-selling Weslo Cadence G 5.9 treadmill. It is highly rated by The Treadmill reviewers here:

It is a great model for getting fit. It lacks the features of more high end models, but not everyone needs their treadmill to have the latest gimmicks. After all you can watch TV or go to the cinema any time. Its about getting in shape is it not?