Say Goodbye To Your Belly And Hello 6 Pack Abs

I Want To Start Off By Pointing Out That Not All Abdominal Muscles Are The Same. Genetics Will Allow The Thickness, Shape, And Overall Appearance Of Abdominal Muscles To Vary. Everyone Can Still Get Their Abdominal Muscles To Show, But They Will Just Appear Differently For Each Individual. One Could Seek Out The Top Online Fitness and Nutrition Coaching Advisers And They Would Say The Exact Same Thing. Now That We Have That Misconception Taken Care Of We Can Start To Go Over The Step-by-step Process That Will Allow Everyone To Get Their 6 Pack Of Abs.


First of all we need to talk about diet. Diet is essential for muscle growth and fat loss. If one is trying to get a six pack of abs and is overweight then they need to loose that layer of fat that is covering their abdominal muscles. In order to lose fat one will need to be at a caloric deficit. This is achieved by finding the resting energy expenditure (REE) and the total day energy expenditure (TDEE). The REE can be found by simply going online and using the basal metabolic rate calculators, which are free.

The total day energy expenditure is simply the number of calories that a person uses in a day in addition to their basal metabolic rate. For example if a person’s basal metabolic rate is 1800 and the number of calories they burn in their day-to-day activities is 400 calories then their total day energy expenditure would be equivalent to 2200 calories. This means that if this person ate 2200 calories a day they would maintain their weight. Any more or any less would result in weight gain or weight loss. The person trying to lose fat should be anywhere between a 250-500 calorie deficit.

On the other end of the spectrum there is the person that does not need to loose fat. This person simply wants to develop their abdominal muscles.This person would need a balance between protein, carbs, and fats just like the person trying to loose fat, but not need to be at a caloric deficit like the person trying to loose fat. This person would need to find their TDEE and then eat more than that TDEE amount in order to have the extra calories to build up their abdominal muscles. The person would need to be anywhere between a 250-500 calorie surplus.

Now that diet has been covered we can talk about the work that is required to get the 6 pack of abs. There is not a secret exercise that will allow one to develop their abdominal muscles. The process of developing the abdominal muscles requires breaking down the muscles and then building them up again to be bigger and stronger. The bigger and stronger muscles are more likely to come to fruition and be seen. With all of that being said there needs to be a regimen of training abs.


There is not a set regimen that works for everyone so once a person puts together a regimen all they need to do is stay consistent with that regimen. That doesn’t mean do the same thing every workout. If a person does the same thing every workout their muscles will adapt and resist growth, which will cause them to not develop their abdominal muscles. Consistency simply means a weakly regimen where one trains abs no matter what the circumstances are.

Ab exercises that will help one develop their abs include bicycle kicks, plank with shoulder touch, v-hold, rowboat, prone pike, body saw, mountain climber, plank with feet on stability ball, wrestler sit-up, knee-up with stability ball, iron cross hold, and renegade row. A lot of these may sound foreign. That is because not all of these need to be employed in a good ab regimen. The goal is to develop all aspects of the abdominal muscles, which include upper, lower, and middle abs. The is done simply by continuing to make progress over time.