Injury Rehabilitation: Getting Back To Working Out

If you have suffered an injury and are looking at going back to working out, you will need to start with physical therapy. There are two aspects to physiotherapy. There is the passive aspect and the active aspect. One thing that you need to be sure of is that the going will be slow and there will be need for patience, but as time goes on, you will be able to do your activities much easier. Utilizing the services of a private personal trainer can greatly accelerate the entire process.

You will need to combine massage therapy with the exercises that you are authorized to do. Massage helps increase muscle flexibility and range of motion. It also shortens recovery time between your workouts and maximizes the efficient use of oxygen and nutrients in the body. Of course, it goes without saying that you should take care of yourself and eat nutritious meals to help with recovery.

A specialist will have to take a look at more than just how you are doing your work out. He or she will have to look at your structure, movement, routines and your habits too. By so doing, they can pick out your weak points and begin to correct them using various exercises to bring you to proper health. There are certain steps to get this done:

Injury risk assessment There is a need to determine if the risk is high or low. The physiotherapist will have determined the injured structure.

Movement This is also known as patho-mechanics. This is where poor positioning, biomechanics and technique are analyzed. This analysis will help to point out the poor form and techniques that expose you to further injury.

Loosening the muscles hands on Here trigger pointing and new stretches are introduced.

Activation This helps to improve the stability and control of the muscles

Training progression Prescribe exercises that you can do without pain so that you can progress gradually towards your exercise goals.

Retraining Exercises

When it comes to retraining the body and breaking those bad habits, you will find that most trainers will recommend yoga and pilates. The fact that they are not high impact workouts makes them ideal for someone who has suffered injury. The point here is to create an exercise routine that includes plenty of stretching in order to loosen the muscles.

In order to retrain the body, there is need for lots of patience. Yoga with its poses and meditation becomes ideal because it helps reduce stress and induces relaxation. With time, you will move on to more taxing exercises like swinging kettlebells, high impact cardio and weight lifting.