How Great Would It Be If You Started Losing Calories Following Your General Diet Without Even Knowing The Fact That You Have Lost Over 400 Calories In A Single Day! Yes You Read That Right, No Feeling Hungry, No Torturing Your Body And No Intense Workouts, You Wont Even Feel Like You Did Something Special To Lose That Many Calories. All You Need To Accomplish This, Is To Include These Simple Habits In Your Daily Routine.

Dont Eat With the Dominant Hand
Although we think our eating is driven by hunger, much of it is actually determined by environmental cues,” explains Leslie Heinberg, PhD, director of behavioral services for the Cleveland Clinics Bariatric and Metabolic Institute. So if you eat with your non dominant hand you will eat less without even realizing. By disrupting your eating pattern you become more mindful as to how much and exactly what youre eating.

Stay Stress Free
Contrary to popular belief, stress does not make you skinny. Rather it has the exact opposite effect. This isnt just because your body wants to feel good but because stress changes the way your body metabolizes food. Yes, stress actually effects the metabolic rate making it go slower and the slower the rate, the more you get stressed. It is highly recommended you try 10 minutes of yoga to stay stress free. People who participate in yoga greatly reduce stress and improve their metabolic rate.

Eat Slowly
One of the main reasons why people over eat is because they eat too quickly and dont give their body enough time to realize that it doesnt need anymore. You should chew at least 20-30 times per bite so that your body can keep up with the intake and let you know when it has had enough. It takes your body around 10-20 minutes to realize it has had enough, if you eat slowly your body will know when to stop sooner resulting in much less calories consumed.

Sleep More
Yes if you sleep more you can actually save up on consuming up to 300 calories in a single day. People who sleep less than 6 hours consume up to 300 400 calories in the day to make up for the lack of energy. People who dont get enough sleep also develop more grehlin, which is a hunger hormone that increases hunger. So sleeping in an hour or 2 or 3 can help stop you from consuming up to 400 calories.

Say No To Low Fat
When people see a product labeled as low fat they automatically assume its ok to eat as much as they want. This leads to a 50% more calorie intake than the normal products. We consume low fat products much more carelessly than normal products and since, low fat products actually contain more sugar to balance out the flavors, we consume much more calories than we would normally. So stick to normal products and eat mindfully to decrease calorie intake.

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