Where To Get The Best Range Of Hair Colours In Sheffield?

If you are in search of hair colouring salons in Sheffield that can give you the best results then the following will not disappoint:

Unique of Sheffield

Unique of Sheffield is a hair colouring salon that offers a customised experience to all of their clientele but especially to those who wish to experiment with hair colour. The professional staff members offer similar consultation services to their clients to ease their worries and make them confident in their choice of colours and hairstyles.

Some of the hair colouring techniques they offer include colour change, highlights, lowlights, sample foils, half head foils along with a range of fashionable choices that may be trending. Their full head foils are particularly popular since clients can get as many colours as they need for a truly bold and unique look. The hair colouring salon has tried and tested a number of market leading brands that are available in the market and only use ones they know will leave a positive, lasting impression on clients. The main one they rely heavily on is TIGI and each hair expert in their employ is trained to use their products.

Colour Me Beautiful

Colour Me Beautiful boasts a team of professionally trained hair colour technicians who can apply any hair colour to the best effect. This includes daring colour combinations, root touch ups or single colour jobs along with other options that can be asked for. The hair colouring salon offers a wide range of techniques, applications and colours that can be personalised according to particular needs.

The staff members are trained regularly on the latest colouring trends and techniques so clients are in good hands. The salon offers free consultations and each is conducted by an expert hairdresser before the actual colouring takes place. This allows them to connect with their clients on a personal basis and reassure them of the hues and shades that might suit them or their skin colour. The consultation also includes a discussion on the application methods that can result in the desired colours for the best experience possible.

Head Masters

As a hair colouring salon Head Masters is considered one of the best in Sheffield as well. The staff promise they can help clients make a new statement with radical hair colours and they have a long range of shades, hues and tones that can make that decision easier. The salon offers the same services that Unique of Sheffield offers their clients along with highlights, low lights from experienced hair colouring experts.
Head Masters also offers temporary and semi-permanent hair colouring options for their clientele which is appreciated by those who just wish to see how a certain colour looks like on their tresses. Appointments can be made on the phone and it is best to do so since an in-depth consultation can take time.

A hair colouring salon in Sheffield is only as good as the staff it has and the products they use. Make sure you choose one after careful deliberation and through reviews.