How To Exercise Your Abs Using An Elliptical Machine


The stair stepping machine was the exercise machine of choice in the 1980s and works very well as a cardiovascular machine as well as a lower body toner. You can get your abdominal muscles toned easily when you are using the stair stepper.
When you first start working on the stair stepper, you will find that it is difficult to stay on this machine for long. There are several types of machines. Some of them actually have a rolling set of stairs that you have to climb while others simulate the climbing motion. Most elliptical machine today will tell you how many stairs you have climbed as well as how many calories you have lost.

The first time on the stair stepping machine you will find it hard to stay on for more than five minutes, especially if it has been a while since you exercised. If you feel lightheaded or dizzy when you are using the stair stepping machine, or feel short of breath, you need to stop the exercise right away. Stair stepping is a low impact cardiovascular exercise. You should always discuss any new exercise routine with your physician before starting.

After you have used the stair stepper more often, you will notice that you can stay on the stair stepper for a longer period of time. You do not need more than 20 minutes on the stair stepper each day to get the results that you need. You can adjust the tension of the stair stepper to make it more difficult to use the machine and increase the tension.

As you get better and better on the stair stepper, you can also attach leg weights to your ankles so that you can increase the tension when you are climbing the stairs. You can continue with this exercise routine as you work to sculpt your abs.
As you are using the stair stepper, you need to concentrate on your abdominal muscles. Your abs should be first and foremost when you are using this machine to get the perfect abs. Pull your abs in as you are using the stair stepper and keep them taut while you are using the stair stepper for the maximum benefit.

In addition to exercising your abs, you will also notice that you can get firmer legs, buttocks and thighs when you use the stair stepper in this way. If you like the stair stepper, you may decide to purchase one of these machines for home. You will find that the more you use the stair stepper, the better toned you will be and the more calories you will burn. It will also get easier to stay on the stair stepper for the full 20 minutes as you continue.