Dentures That Are Created To Fit Perfectly In One Day?

The latest in denture technology is known as, “One Day Teeth, ” or “Same Day Teeth.” And dentists are able to provide the patient with a set of dentures after one visit. How the heck does this place? Aren’t there supposed to be molds of the patients mouth, so the lab technicians can create a model customized specifically for the patient?

In the old world, yes. However, the old world is long one, and new technology allows dentists to use dentures that can customized to fit during the initial visit. The reason why people are allowed to leave with these dentures so quickly is because they are permanent dentures. The dentist drills four holes in four strategic places on both the upper, and lower, jaw. The dentist then takes the dentures and “snaps” them into place. If, for any reason, you want the dentures taken out, then you need to make an appointment with the dentist to have that done.

These denture implants give the patient an opportunity to bite with natural force. This is because with dentures, the force is transmitted directly to the bone, and not the gum tissues; allowing more power to be applied. With his bite power in pace, a patient can eat whatever they want; with no fear of harming their teeth. Incredibly, patients are encouraged to go out and eat whatever they want a few hours after the procedure is completed.


Denture implants give patients new teeth to eat, bite, smile, and show off with. Something as simple as smiling for a picture is taken for granted by most people. After this procedure is completed, patients are never ungrateful about having the ability to do that – and soon after the process is done, social media is lit up with selfies from patients thrilled with their new teeth.

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The pros offer complimentary oral examinations, with x-rays included, so they have a full understanding of what work you will need done. After the examination takes place, the dentist will consult you on the options you have available; and what you feel makes the most sense for you. If you want a great implant experience, look up the Pros – you’ll be glad you did.