Stationary Vs. Recumbent Bicycle

When contemplating getting an exercise bike, one of the first consideration is whether to obtain a stationary or recumbent bicycle. For some people this may be an easy choice, but other people need to know the variations for them to…

How Great Would It Be If You Started Losing Calories Following Your General Diet Without Even Knowing The Fact That You Have Lost Over 400 Calories In A Single Day! Yes You Read That Right, No Feeling Hungry, No Torturing Your Body And No Intense Workouts, You Wont Even Feel Like You Did Something Special To Lose That Many Calories. All You Need To Accomplish This, Is To Include These Simple Habits In Your Daily Routine.

Dont Eat With the Dominant Hand Although we think our eating is driven by hunger, much of it is actually determined by environmental cues,” explains Leslie Heinberg, PhD, director of behavioral services for the Cleveland Clinics Bariatric and Metabolic Institute….

Elliptical Trainers

There are many ways advertised in the media today that enable people to lose weight or get fitter. These are mostly concentrated on shedding excess weight quickly, through using special diets, or a concerted effort to endure unique workout routines….

Are Treadmills Still Popular?

Whats the staple in every hotel and gyms fitness suite? Its the popular treadmill of course. Naturally modern gyms these days have a wide variety of equipment both for muscle building and for fat loss. You will see weights, kettlebells,…